Parramatta Automatics is one of the
few vehicle service centers offering
reconditioned, rebuilt and second-hand engines.
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To get the best performance from your
transmission and to preserve its life, it’s
recommended to have it serviced every 12
months or every 20,000kms.


3 Seville St, North Parramatta
NSW 2151, Australia
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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What we do….

Since 1957, Parramatta Automatic Pty Ltd and A1 Australian Engine Exchange have serviced and repaired automatic transmissions, exchanged Engines , completed general vehicle repairs, log book services, new car warranty vehicle services and repaired or replaced power steering units.

Quality Service

At Parramatta Automatics our team of specialist are committed to provide the best quality of work and the most cost effective solutions for your vehicle repairs.

Details of Our Services including

Engine Maintenance

The engine is the most important part of any car. If it dies you are up for untold amounts of money to get it back on the road. Make sure your Engine is maintenance is up to date so you can drive with piece of mind

Tune Up

Ensure your car is running at peak performance. Same day booking for service and tunes on 4×4, V8’s, sports cars, vans and more. Specialist in BMW’s, Audi’s, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin.

Automatic Transmission

Experts in Auto-Transmission Repair and replacement. A poorly preforming transmission will cause untold damage to the life of your car and is dangerous to drive. For a free quote come into our Parramatta Store today

Log Book Servicing

Australian and international models. Guarantee your investment in your car by having it regularly log book serviced by one of our qualified log book mechanics at our Paramatta store. Affordable and trustworthy auto servicing

Vehicle Safety Check

Ensure the safety of your family with a comprehensive safety analysis from one of our qualified mechanics. At Paramatta Automatics we have your car safety covered. Car Safety Analysis in under 30 minutes.

Registration Check Up

Make sure your driving safely and aren’t going to be pulled over paying costly fines. Werther your car is up for rego renewable or it simply hasn’t been over the pits ion a few years we’ll make sure you and your car stay on the road.

Car Computer Diagnostics

If your car is under preforming with no reason it may be the computer systems that control the fuel and electrical expenditure, the driveline or any number of electrical faults. Our diagnostic computer equipment will find the cause.

Wheel Alignment

Cheap and quick to repair but vital to a cars driveability. Wheel alignment is key factor in making your car run safe and efficiently. Correct wheel alignment makes handling smother, tyres last longer, and protects against damage to the axels.

Auto Suspension

For small, medium, heavy and specialized ver. Suspension is key to delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. High preforming suspension also takes stress from axel’s increases the life of your tyres.

Auto Air Conditioning Service

Don’t be left in the heat this summer. If your air conditioning isn’t cooling your vehicle properly it is probably time for a service. Don’t let the heat get to you this summer quick affordable service. Filter change and Re-gas in a matter of minutes

Exhaust systems & Mufflers

All makes and models. Parrexhaust, mufflers, headers, pipes and complete systems. At Parramatta Auto’s we have the biggest range at the best prices in Sydney’s West. Cut down on your petrol consumption maintain your car’s performance.

Oil Changes

Oil is the life blood of your car. Nothing effects its performance and the life of the engine like the oil you put into it. We use only premium quality oils ensuring your 4×4, Sports, luxury, imported and everyday vehicle are running their best.

Radiator Replacement & Repair

The radiator is the key tool to keeping everything under the bonnet cool and keep you from braking down. Werther you want your old radiator repaired or a brand-new system installed Parramatta mechanics are Greater Western Sydney’s first choice.

Electronic Fuel injection

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) is an important part of how your car preforms and service of your fuel Injection ensures your engine is running at its best avoiding brake downs and costly replacements.

New Tyers

Fitted and balanced. Great prices on new tyres. Ensure your car is driving at its best. Werther it’s Dunlop, Good year, “Continental Tyers” or something more specialized. We offer fast change on all weather, wet weather, and mud tyres.

Preventive Maintenance

If your engine needs repairing, you can trust
the professionals at Parramatta Automatics.
Since 1957 we’ve been offering quality
workmanship at a fair price.