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  • Road Test
  • Inspection of Driveline & Universal Joints
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Band Adjustment
  • Transmission Fluid Replaced with Genuine Oils


Servicing your automatic transmission is important so your car lasts the test of time. With no hesitation we all wash our cars, top up the radiator and change then engine oil, but often the transmission is forgotten, until something goes wrong. Keeping you automatic transmission in good shape will benefit your whole car for years to come and keep you driving smoothly. The more money you have invested in your vehicle, the more this makes sense.

To get the best performance from your transmission and to preserve its life, it’s recommended to have it serviced every 12 months or every 20,000kms.  If you use your vehicle frequently in extreme conditions such as towing or four wheel driving, we recommend having it serviced more frequently to keep it in prim condition.

Transmission oil coolers can be life savers. One of the most common reasons transmissions need repairs is due to overheating. Excess heat can happen by going up hills, stopping and starting, or extended use. Whatever the cause, when the transmission fluid gets hot, it loses its effectiveness. The increase in temperature causes a reduced viscosity and this in turn increases the wear and tear in the transmission. The quicker it wears out, the sooner it will need to be replaced. Keeping the transmission cool with transmission oil cooler is the most cost effective way to keep your transmission in tip top condition. Many cars come with this as a standard feature.

Servicing your transmission will save you money in the long run

Regularly servicing your automatic transmission will keep performance high and he lifespan of the transmission long. This will also help the lifespan of your vehicle as a whole. Transmission servicing prevents early wear and damage. Catching these things early greatly reduces the need to buy expensive parts in the future.