Automotive Car Suspension

With plenty of experience, Parramatta Automatics is the right team to meet the suspension needs of your vehicle. We have been car suspension specialists of Sydney for more than 40 years. If you are experiencing automotive problems; such as unusual tread wear on tyres, dipping of the car forward when braking or difficulty in controlling the vehicle around corners; the suspension of your vehicle needs to be checked. Bring your car to our mechanic center in New South Wales and we can take care of the rest.


The car’s suspension plays an important role in the overall functioning of your vehicle. It helps to provide you, with a smooth and enjoyable ride, even when you are on a rough and bumpy road. The suspension keeps all four tyres in firm contact, with the ground, so that the braking, driving and steering systems work efficiently.

At a time, more than one part of the suspension is working together, including springs, shock absorbers, struts and more. Therefore, in order to make sure that the suspension of the vehicle is doing a good job, it is important to let a professional, such as Parramatta Automatics in greater Western Sydney, manage any suspension-related issue.

We Offer A to Z Car Suspension Repair and Replacement Services
With Parramatta Automatics in greater Western Sydney, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Our team of trained technicians are expert at handling all types of suspension problems in all kinds of vehicles – big or small, classic or modern.

  • Diagnosis of the problem – As soon as you avail our car suspension repair or replacement service in New South Wales, our experts get to work. We thoroughly inspect and diagnose the problem, with the use of modern equipment and technology. Post checking, we are able to ascertain whether your vehicle needs a suspension repair or a replacement.
  • Examine the steering system, shock absorbers and other parts – The smooth functioning of the car’s suspension is dependent upon the working of its related parts. To make sure that your precise suspension needs are met, our specialists conduct an in-depth examination of the steering system, shock absorbers, coil springs, chassis parts, wheel bearings and power steering, along with the suspension of your vehicle. Additionally, our qualified mechanic also checks the alignment of the wheels and make certain that it is parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.
  • Repair – By combining state-of-the-art technology and our years of experience, we are able to repair and maintain the responsiveness and stability of your car’s suspension at a reasonable price. Our service includes steering box repair and steering rack repair, among others.
  • Replacement – Our workshop in Parramatta North is fully stocked, with springs, shock absorbers, struts and other suspension replacement parts. All the parts are carefully sourced from the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. You can be rest assured about the quality of the replacement parts and we also provide warranty for our workmanship. We conduct replacements of shock, strut, ball joint, spring, power steering pump, power steering hose, steering link, sway bar bushing, control arm, tie rod end and more. For replacements, you can request for an instant free estimate.

The technicians at Parramatta Automatics in NSW will restore your car’s suspension system to the recommendation of the manufacturer of your vehicle. Our repair, replacement and maintenance service will also enhance safety, handling of the vehicle, provide advanced vehicle control and stability, a shorter braking distance and guarantee a superior riding experience for you and your passengers.

If your vehicle needs its suspension checked, repaired or replaced, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our highly trained and licensed mechanics will guarantee that your suspension is in top condition and, therefore, guarantee vehicle safety. In case you are unable to drive down to our facility in Sydney’s Western suburbs, avail our 24/7 mobile services.