Car Batteries Blacktown, Parramatta & Castle Hill


Since 1957, Parramatta Automatics. has established a successful car battery replacement service in and around Sydney. Our reputation is built on the pillar of unparalleled quality at reasonable prices. We carefully source Australian-made car batteries, such as Century, that are specifically engineered for the country’s environment.

The number one cause of car breakdowns is a faulty or a dead battery. The problem is, flat batteries often occur at the most inconvenient of times. Fortunately, our services are available 24x 7. So, when you are in need of a quick and reliable battery replacement service, know that we are only a phone call away.


Parramatta Automatics carries an extensive range of the industry’s best batteries requiring little to zero maintenance, suitable for vehicles of all makes and models. Our batteries are backed by a solid 3-year warranty, guaranteeing you a complete peace of mind.
Whether you own a car, minivan, SUV or 4X4; you can be rest assured to find suitable battery for your vehicle. You can find batteries for Audi, Kia, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and many other car brands driven in Australia.

We Offer End-to-end Car Battery Replacement Services

Our qualified mechanic is highly trained and expert in tackling all types of battery replacement needs. In Sydney’s Western suburbs, as well as, NSW; we are well-known for our A to Z solutions. Regardless of your vehicle being Australian, European, Japanese or American; our team of technicians find the right fitting for your machine.

    • Run a thorough diagnosis – Our technicians conduct thorough tests to ascertain, if the car breakdown is due to a flat or an expired battery. Our fully-equipped facility in greater Western Sydney has all the latest equipment and technology required for running quick diagnostic tests. Based on the result, our technicians decide, whether your car requires a battery re-charge or a full replacement.
    • Install and replace – As battery and vehicle technology is rapidly advancing, installation and replacement of car batteries have become complex processes. We work with a team of experts having years of experience and expertise in fitting vehicle batteries. Our technicians can even help you to choose the right battery for your vehicle.
    • Offer instant service – We understand that time is money, thereby, replacing car battery on the spot, anywhere in Sydney.
    • Deliver within an hour – For DIY enthusiasts, we deliver batteries, within an hour of the phone call.
    • Recycle old car batteries – Parramatta Automatics are renowned battery recyclers in New South Wales and its surrounding areas. We offer recycling services for old, worn out batteries and make sure that the batteries are recycled responsibly and are in tandem, with the highest industry standards. Our recycling process is completely environment-friendly.


With Parramatta Automatics making mobile services available 7 days a week in greater Western Sydney, as well as, the surrounding region, you can stay confident that your flat battery needs are covered. If your car happens to breakdown anywhere in your home, at work or on the road; you can rely on our services. We completely understand the inconveniences that come with a dying or a dead battery and you can be certain that our technicians will reach you, within an hour. We will not only deliver your car battery, but will replace and install the new one, if required.

Unlike other car battery replacement companies, we stock up on a huge variety of car batteries from some of the renowned Australian brands. With us, you can be sure of finding the right battery for your classic, modern or high performance car at the most competitive prices. So, if you are stuck on your driveway or on the side of the road, do not hesitate to give our technicians a call and ask for a free estimate.