Electronic Fuel Injection

Parramata Crash and automotive repair are the industry experts in Electronic Fuel Injection replacement and repair. Stocking parts for your 4×4, V8, Holden, Ford, or European model the qualified mechanics at “Parramatta’s North” Crash and auto repairs will get the quickly and professionally.


If you are experiencing rough idling or poor acceleration, get your electronic fuel injectors checked at Parramatta Automatics. We offer repair and replacement service of electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems throughout the length and breadth of Sydney. Our highly-trained technicians have years of experience and expertise in servicing all types of fuel injectors, including brands like, Delphi, Bosch, Safari and Zexel.

The fuel injectors are found in the intake manifold of a car’s engine and it uses small nozzles to spray a mist of fuel, which the engine burns. As you step on the gas peddle, the fuel injectors work with the throttle valve to allow air into the engine. The injectors play an important role as it helps the vehicle to run.


Whether you frequently or regularly use your vehicle, the fuel injectors will get filled with dirt. A dirt-filled injector adversely affects the performance of a vehicle and dirty exhaust emissions results in poor gas mileage. It is also worth noting that fuel injectors collect dirt and grime faster, in case of short trips. If your fuel injector needs to be cleaned, come down to our mechanic center in New South Wales and avail our affordable cleaning service. Our service will not only clean all the dirt, remove the harmful carbon deposits and restore your vehicle’s performance, but it will also reduce the vehicle’s emission and lower the fuel-consumption.
A cleaning of the fuel injectors is recommended every 24 months or 40,000 km whichever comes first.


Fuel injectors are the heart of an engine. To provide our clients, with the capability to get their fuel systems checked and diagnosed, our workshop in greater Western Sydney is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We use the latest dyno tuning equipment to simulate road conditions, as well as, use cutting-edge tools to inspect the fuel lines, fuel rails, fuel filters and throttle components. We also examine the sensors and engine control unit of your vehicle to make sure that it is functioning to its optimal performance. Our qualified team of mechanics are always ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our computerised testing facility in NSW is able to give quick results and save you precious time. Once we are able to ascertain the problem, we combine our wealth of knowledge, with the right tools to ensure that your vehicle’s fuel injectors are repaired correctly and effectively.


As an end-to-end repair and maintenance service provider of electronic fuel injection systems in Sydney, we stock up on a wide range of replacement parts to tackle major problems of fuel injectors. If a simple repair fails to restore the performance of your vehicle, we will replace the damaged part. All of our products are sourced from reputed and reliable manufacturers and are brand new.

We Offer End-to-end Car Battery Replacement Services

Our qualified mechanic is highly trained and expert in tackling all types of battery replacement needs. In Sydney’s Western suburbs, as well as, NSW; we are well-known for our A to Z solutions. Regardless of your vehicle being Australian, European, Japanese or American; our team of technicians find the right fitting for your machine.

    • Fuel injection – In case the fuel injection system fails to function, there will either be low fuel-efficiency or no fuel supply at all. Under such circumstances, we will replace it, with a brand new system.
    • Fuel injectors – Injectors control the supply of the fuel to the engine. We carry a broad selection of injectors and we can replace it on the same day.
    • Cylinder head – We have stocked up on a wide range of cylinder heads, so that in case your vehicle’s cylinder head fails to work, we can immediately replace it.
    • High pressure fuel pump – Our high pressure fuel pumps carry manufacturer’s warranty. You can be rest assured of its quality and enjoy complete peace of mind.
    • Fuel regulator – A fuel regulator is a sensor that regulates the amount of fuel, which needs to be atomised. It is an important part of the fuel injection system and we have reliable substitute parts for your benefit.

In addition to the above-mentioned, we also carry a range of sequential firing devices, fuel rails, oxygen sensor, throttle components, mass airflow sensor and coolant temperature sensor in our mechanic center in Sydney’s Western suburbs.
For an outstanding electronic fuel injection system service at a competitive price, contact Parramatta Automatics.