Engine Maintenance


From tune-up to engine overhaul, Parramatta Automatics is your ultimate go-to shop. Over the years, we have been offering top-notch quality engine maintenance services in Greater Western Sydney at competitive prices.



Our services include:

  • Inspection and Repair – Our team of deft mechanics run diagnostic tests and scans to ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle. Equipped with the right technology and devices to fix any problem, we promise complete client satisfaction.
  • Replacement – We have the required replacement parts, from second-hand engines to fully reconditioned ones. Sourcing products from only reliable suppliers, we ensure a standard of service, which is truly unmatchable.

Our engine mechanic experts operating in NSW Sydney Parramatta North are highly reliable ensuring a high instance of brand loyalty.

Reconditioned, Rebuilt & Second-Hand Engines supplied and or fitted – All Makes, Models

Second Hand Engines - All Makes, Models


Our team of expert mechanics at Blacktown Automatic and manual car repairs are the local trusted professionals when it comes to keeping your car on the road.

If you notice any of the following signs, do not wait to ring us for our engine maintenance service.

  • Strange noises, such as clunking, grinding or knocking – Such noises are often indicative of a bad starter, belt problems or other engine irregularity.
  • Repeated overheating of the engine – This may indicate a broken engine thermostat, a burnt out radiator or a bad water-pump.
  • A smoking engine – This can be indicative of all kinds of engine issues, such as worn cylinders, rings or gaskets, use of the wrong oil grade or poor functioning of the crankcase.
  • Hesitation or stalling during the starting of the vehicle – This can be a major safety hazard, while on the road. This is sometimes indicative of fuel line problems or fuel filter. But, this hesitation leads to bigger problems, such as transmission issues and vehicle computer irregularities.

Engine issues can be due to a various reasons. It may be the reason for normal wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance or problems with lubrication. Our Mechanical Engine maintenance experts at Parramatta Automatics can identify the exact problem and fix it quickly for your quick mobility.

You do not have to buy a new vehicle, if your engine dies. For the best repair and replacement solutions, call the qualified mechanics at Parramatta Automatics.