Automatic Transmissions


Parramatta Automatics has set new standards for tyre replacement and fitting services in Sydney. Our team of highly qualified technicians are experienced in checking, repairing and installing new tyres. Our products and services are affordably priced.
To make our service truly unmatchable, we have recently introduced mobile tyre fitting services, across Sydney. Our service is aimed at delivering the expertise of garage, right at your doorstep. Our fully equipped mobile tyre vans are available Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We specialise in fitting and replacing tyres using only the latest technology.
We Offer Complete Tyre Service for Your Vehicle
We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality tyre services at the most competitive prices.

  • ● Supply quality brands of tyre – If you are in need of new tyres, our mechanic center in greater Western Sydney is fully stocked up with tyres from the leading brands in the industry. Some of the brands that we offer are Hankook, Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Yokohama and more. Since the correct choice of tyres is imperative for the safety of your vehicle, its performance and control, our qualified mechanic can provide you, with the best advice for meeting and even exceeding your car tyre needs.
  • Replace tyres for all make and model of cars – Our state-of-the-art facility and mobile tyre vans have all the required equipment and tyres to replace your old tyres with the new. We check the size of the tyres on the front, as well as, the back and match it with your vehicle’s specifications. We even pay attention to your budget requirements, as well, and offer you with a range of tyre brands covering a wide price point.
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Tyre fitting service – If you have already bought tyres for your vehicle and need help with installation, turn to the expertise of our qualified mechanic in New South Wales. We offer onsite fitting services and our aim is to help you be on your way, as soon as possible. In case you need tyres, we have an impressive collection to choose from. Our technicians can help you with your choice and assist you in selecting tyres that match the exact specification provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle.
  • Wheel balancing – Our service does not end with replacing and fitting tyres. We also offer to balance your wheels for ensuring the optimal performance of your vehicle. Wheels that are unbalanced lead to vibration, uneven wear and result in potential unsafe driving conditions. In Parramatta North, we have access to cutting-edge balancing machine that help us to detect any anomaly.
  • Wheel alignment – To maximise the life of your tyres, Parramatta Automatics offer efficient wheel alignment service. As the wheel is the only point of contact between your vehicle and the ground, it has to be properly aligned for a safe drive. Our qualified mechanic will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed around all tyres and assemblies. We also adjust the wheels to make sure that it is perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. With our wheel alignment service, you can increase fuel efficiency of your vehicle and hope for a smoother ride.  
  • Inspect the tyre pressure monitoring system – Once our expert technicians have replaced and fitted new tyres to your vehicle, we will check the tyre pressure monitoring system. Monitoring the tyre pressure is an important component to maintaining vehicle safety and handling.
  • Our tyre fitting and replacement team is capable of fitting a wide variety of tyres, depending on the need of your vehicle. You can purchase the tyres from Parramatta Automatics or avail our fitting services, mobile or at our facility in greater Western Sydney. With access to top-notch equipment, including measuring tape, jack, tyre iron and pressure gauge, we can guarantee to provide you with a quality of service that is unprecedented.