Engine Oil Changes

At Parramatta Automatics, we offer affordable oil change services in and around Sydney. Our priority is to ensure you and your prized vehicle’s safety. With our end-to-end services of oil changes, you can keep your engine running smoothly. Our qualified mechanic is adept at providing 360 degree engine oil and oil filter solutions for your complete peace of mind.


Parramatta Automatics is a leading provider of car repair and maintenance services in Sydney. If you do not know how to change the engine oil yourself, you can rely upon our services, at any time of the day. Since the engine oil is the lifeblood of your car, it is recommended that you regularly change the oil for ensuring the maximum performance of the engine.

To avail our services, you can come down to our mechanic center or request our mobile service, in which our experts reach your address.

Check Out Our Range of Engine Oil Change Services
We offer engine oil change services for vehicles of all types. Whether you own a BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia or any other car; we have the perfect solution for you. Our highly trained mechanics have years of experience and expertise in the industry to provide you, with the finest recommendations.

  • Inspection of the oil tank – Our trained mechanic will inspect your oil tank dipstick to ascertain, if you need an oil change. A clear indication that your vehicle requires oil change is when the colour of the oil appears darker, has flecks or has a burnt smell.
  • Oil change and refill – We change oil using only the highest quality engine oil available in the Australian market, such as Valvoline. We drain all the old oil and refill it with fresh oil.
  • Install new oil filter – When changing the engine oil, we also replace your old filter with a brand new one to match the oil. Parramatta Automatics carries a broad selection of latest technology filters that can help to keep your oil clean and act like a screen against all abrasive particles. With a good oil filter installed, you can forget worrying about the smooth functioning of the engine for more than thousands of miles.
  • Engine flush – Our oil changes technicians in Sydney’s Western suburbs conduct an oil treatment to thoroughly clean the oil circulation system. This treatments helps in preventing the contamination of the fresh oil by the residues left behind. It also helps to remove varnishes, sludges and such other contaminants from turbocharger and components of the engine.
  • Check and top up all under bonnet fluids – In addition to engine oil, our services include the checking and topping up of other vehicle fluids, as well. To make sure that your car runs smoothly, without any glitches; we check and top up the transmission fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid. It is highly recommended that all the six fluids responsible for the working and running of the vehicle is inspected on a regular basis. You can give us a call or pay us a visit at our mechanic center in greater Western Sydney.
  • Dispose off old oil – Once our mechanics have drained old oil and refilled your vehicle, we also get rid of the old oil. Our experts take special precautions to discard the oil in the most environment-friendly manner.

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If you are in need of our professional services of oil changes in Parramatta North, do not hesitate to give our experts a call. Based on your exact requirements, we will be happy to provide you, with an obligation-free price-quote.

Whether you are in New South Wales or any other part of Sydney, drive an old or modern vehicle; Parramatta Automatics is your one-stop provider for all car servicing, maintenance and repair services. Take advantage of our instant, mobile services throughout NSW.

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